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Macs Made in US

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We all knew Apple products are made over in China, but apparently they are trying to move it over to the US. Yes, it would be nice to have Apple products made in the US since it is one of the BIGGEST companies here and the people making them in China are getting next to nothing for making millions of products.  I don’t understand why this is newsworthy. They are thinking about it, it hasn’t been done yet.


Author: coppla04

Sophomore Mass Communications Major at Morningside College with a passion for all things NASCAR. Oh yeah, I met Danica Patrick :)

One thought on “Macs Made in US

  1. I’ve only seen the headlines, but I think this is newsworthy because Apple has been taking heat for the “sweatshop” style factories in China. (Numerous suicides among workers.) If Apple wants to hold onto its hipness, it has to at least seem worker-friendly.

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