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Throughout America Tuesday night, people were either sitting in front of their TV, constantly refreshing their Facebook and Twitter pages, googling the latest results of election night, or hosting election night broadcasts like the one right here on campus. As the results slowly came in, it was surprising but not shocking. America is divided, almost 50-50. Obama with the West and East coast, Romney had everything in between. There is a Democratic Senate and a Republican House. The Nation is divided, leaving no one truly happy. The results affect everyone in the United States and even stretches beyond our border. This is news because it affects everyone and we all have to live with the slight majority’s vote for the next 4 years, whether they like it or not.


Author: coppla04

Sophomore Mass Communications Major at Morningside College with a passion for all things NASCAR. Oh yeah, I met Danica Patrick :)

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  1. Obama didn’t get all of fly-over country.

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