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A New York City Police Officer was caught in the act, the act of kindness. NYPD Officer Lawrence DePrimo was working Times Square a few nights ago when he spotted a homeless man with no shoes. DePrimo went to a nearby Sketchers store and bought the man a pair of boots and socks to help get him through the winter. This is newsworthy because this Officer didn’t want anything in return, nor did he know he was being watched and photographed. This article shows that there are still good people in this world who look out for others. 


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A couple who met in college finally gets married, 50 years later! Two college sweethearts who lost touch after college finally found each other again after 50 years. This is definitely newsworthy because everyone like a happy ending and news doesn’t have to always be something bad. The way they lost and then found each other again could be written as a fairy tale. This is a great article and definitely one that deserved to be written.


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Throughout America Tuesday night, people were either sitting in front of their TV, constantly refreshing their Facebook and Twitter pages, googling the latest results of election night, or hosting election night broadcasts like the one right here on campus. As the results slowly came in, it was surprising but not shocking. America is divided, almost 50-50. Obama with the West and East coast, Romney had everything in between. There is a Democratic Senate and a Republican House. The Nation is divided, leaving no one truly happy. The results affect everyone in the United States and even stretches beyond our border. This is news because it affects everyone and we all have to live with the slight majority’s vote for the next 4 years, whether they like it or not.



Shooting Story

A newly wed was shot at her wedding by own husband last Saturday.

Richard Brunson fled the scene after shooting his new wife shortly after the couple said their vows. Laurette Brunson is now in St. Luke’s Hospital.

Sergeant Mann tells us more. audiolink

An eyewitness to the event tells us what he saw. audiolink

Laurette is said to be in satisfactory condition and will make a full recovery.

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Science Broadcast

Lab rat lives lost is a big blow to medical research.

Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast with all she had recently and not only did damage to homes and buildings, but also put a damper on New York University Hospital’s Medical Research Lab.

NYU hospital reported the deaths of thousands of laboratory rats due to Hurricane Sandy, a research setback that could take years to correct.

One of the University’s buildings was severely affected by the flood and the speed that it hit. Lab Techs and Scientists did not have enough time to rescue the Lab Rats trapped in the building. “Animal resource staff was on site continuously to mitigate the damage from the storm, but due to the speed and force of the surge, animal rescue attempts were unsuccessful,” according to the statement. “We are deeply saddened by the loss of these animals’ lives and the impact this has on the many years of important work conducted by our researchers,” NYU officials said. “Some mice are unique, they’re just made for certain research,” he said. “So if [the researchers] didn’t send it out to other labs, that line is just lost.” said one scientist. This devastation to the science community could take months if not years to repair.

(Still not able to post audio.)

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Just days after Hurricane Sandy tore through the upper Northeast and destroyed and flooded much of New York, the Mayor of New York City decided to hold the New York Marathon. Supposedly kicking New Yorkers out of hotels to make room for the marathon runners, the city was not happy. The Mayor cited the 2001 marathon, ran just two months after the 9/11 attacks. The race brought the country together after a time of tragedy. It was also about 60 days after the disaster, not less than a week. Not long after announcing that the Marathon would still be held, the Mayor called it off. Enough New Yorkers and Americans alike helped him change his mind and I think it was for the better. Having that many people in the city, along with the disaster workers, would be a terrible idea. Its good to see the Mayor came to his right mind and made the correct decision.