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When I heard this news yesterday, I was devastated. Hearing that one of Country Music’s greatest voices would be done touring at the end of this run is heartbreaking. George Strait is one of the most iconic voices in the industry. He is one of my mother’s favorite artist’s and frankly mine too. George has had 59 Number 1 hits to his name, a record in the business. His voice and biggest hits are recognizable to those outside of the industry.

George addressed the media yesterday at the Country Music Hall of Fame and announced that his new tour, perfectly named “The Cowboy Rides Away”, will indeed be his last. He didn’t rule out hitting the stage for special occasions though, which shed a little light into the sad message he had just given. Martina McBride, another one of country music’s biggest icons, will join him on his last tour. George and Martina made an appearance in Des Moines at the end of February this year. I had bought my mom tickets for Christmas and looking back I am so glad I did. He puts on one hell of a show and it is sad to think that it is about to come to an end.


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Scavenger Hunt


When I was given this assignment, I immediately thought “I don’t want to do this.” I read my paper to see what I had to go find: A Post-It with a doodle on it. I immediately though of Student Services! The people in the office are always friendly and willing to help. I walked into the office and Stacie, Sherry, and student came out, asking what we needed. Apparently, I was not the first one who had come in there for this assignment. I said I was on a hunt for a Post-It and a doodle; Emily Beckfield quickly volunteered. She handed me a the post-it with a funny face on it. “This is what happens when you are assaulted for a doodle,” she said smiling.

As I look around the office, I see others in there retrieving items for their scavenger hunt. Stacie is coloring a rubber band red, her fingers covered in marker. Sherry is talking to another student, giving them advice on school. The conversation draws all of us in and we start discussing Pinterest and recipes we have tried.

Student Services is a great place to go when you are in need of something, anything really. They are willing to help with school or are willing to just talk. It was definitely the right place to go for this assignment.

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News Comment #4

Arizona Family suing their Son’s Elementary School

The Noyes family from Arizona is suing their child’s former elementary school after he was locked in a padded “scream room” and fed certain foods dangerous to his health despite known food allergies. The child suffered panic attacks and nightmares after multiple “scream-room” time-outs, some that lasted most of the school day. Apparently this isn’t a new thing in Arizona, but I don’t feel that it is right. This child is in the Special Education classes. He shouldn’t be treated like some animal. No child should be treated that way. The parents are doing the right thing by taking him out of their and suing the school district. I will continue to follow this story and see how it develops. I hope this family gets the closure they need and these “scream-rooms” are banned from schools.


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Although I love to write, there are still many area’s that need improving. I tend to ramble when I write. i include details and sentences that don’t necessarily need to be included. I also have a tendency to use a lot of run-on sentences. Rereading my posts and papers before I turn them in would be a great start to solving these problems. Once I start writing a paper or a post, I just keep going. I don’t always read them after I am done. I had that problem in my high school English classes as well. 

If I ever want to pursue writing as a career, I need to improve my word choice as well. I have noticed that I use the same words over and over where others would actually work and sound better. Taking the time to think of different words, of different ways to say something, would greatly improve my writing. 

I have a lot of different things I could do to improve my writing skills. I think this class is going to help me a lot with this and much more. 

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Yet another new iPhone (News Comment 3)

Apple announced today that the long awaited iPhone 5 will be available in just a few short weeks. Which in turn means… there will be thousands of Apple geeks lining up at the nearest store days in advance to get the latest technology. The thing is, there really aren’t that many changes. I don’t understand the hard core devotion to all this Apple and all things new Apple. I have an iPhone and have been a long time supporter of the iPod, my mom also has a iPad. Apple products are great, but their upgrades are small and not always worth spending hundreds of dollars just to get a bigger screen (one of the new features). I have the iPhone 4, I don’t even have siri, which was one of the only additions to the iPhone 4s, which was unveiled last year around this time. 

Apple also introduced their new iPod Touch, which also includes a bigger screen and also comes in more than just black and white. The new iPhone, iPod Touch and iPod Nano are also thinner and lighter in weight, although I am pretty sure most of us will not be able to tell a difference in the weight. For those of you who are hard core Apple fans, you may just want to get your preorder in, and for those of you, like me, who are happy with what Apple product you have, let’s just wait to see what they come out with next year. 



A Peaceful Riverfront and a historical center dedicated to two guys named Lewis and Clark.

It was a beautiful afternoon. I was sitting under the shelter house, my backpack, laptop and notebook sitting in front of me, slowly sipping Peach Tea from a Taco Johns cup. I can smell the river; it isn’t too far away, only 50 feet, may less. Looking around, I can see the aftermath of the flood from a summer back. Being from the Sioux City area, the damage that was left behind really hits home. There is a veranda out by the water with the waterline clearly visible on its maroon pillars. The bike path is elevated from the surrounding land, weaving around the riverfront. You can see the sand that was left over from the rising waters. I remember when the bike path was completely covered, invisible under the murky river.

In front of me is a park. It is such a beautiful day outside that the park is full of kids; every swing is filled. I can hear them laughing and playing and it brings me back to when life was so much easier. That time when all you had to worry about was how high you could fly. There is a couple sitting a few tables over and I can hear their conversation perfectly. They are discussing the possibilities of a new motorhome. The woman wants one with bunk beds; the man wants a rear living area. They are quietly arguing over the endless possibilities when a young girl runs up. She is sad because she has no one to play with. “Are you sure the kids that you’re trying to play with can speak English?” the mom asks. That comment takes me by surprise until I realize that most of the children on the playground are Hispanic. I keep listening to what the mom has to say to her little girl, and what she says next is something I have never thought of before. “Guess how many people you meet if you don’t ask them their name?” she asks. “You don’t really meet someone until you know their name.” I thought about this and realized that she was completely right. Do you really know someone if you don’t know their name?

As all of this is happening, I can hear the rumble bars on the highway, signaling to cars that they need to slow down before they exit. I look up and see a very large man walking a very small dog. The poor dog has to take six steps to the man’s one. A couple rides by on a tandem bicycle, perfectly in sync with each other. I can smell fresh cut grass; there is a man mowing the lawn of the historical center that I hadn’t noticed before, despite the loud hum of the blades.

I look back and notice that the woman from the table is no longer there. Looking around I see her pacing the length of the shelter house, muttering to herself. She makes her way back to her table and picks up a small book with highlighting inside. It doesn’t take me long to realize that it is a playbook; she is rehearsing her lines. I look down at the time and realize I have been sitting here for almost two hours. Sitting outside, with people around, the sounds of life everywhere, is really relaxing. I think I may have found a new place to do my homework. If only they had wireless internet available.

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News Comment #2

Matt Kenseth, driver of the #17 Ford for Roush Fenway Racing, where he has been employed for the last 15 years, will be leaving at the end of the season. In one one of the worst kept secrets in NASCAR this season, Kenseth finally announced that he will indeed be moving into the #20 Toyota, owned by Joe Gibbs Racing. Kenseth will be joining Kyle Busch, driver of the #18, and Denny Hamlin, driver of the #11. 

Although Kenseth’s move to JGR doesn’t just mean a new start for him, but also a new start for a young driver by the name of Joey Logano. Logano, who currently drives the #20 car, was bumped from his seat to make room for Kenseth. JGR couldn’t promise Logano a full Cup ride in 2013, but Logano found a company who could. Penske Racing scooped up Logano to drive the #22 next year, filling the spot left from the dismissal of AJ Allmendinger after his recently failed drug test and suspension. 

Both Busch and Hamlin are excited to have Kenseth as their teammate next year. “I’ve got, in my opinion, two of the top-five drivers in NASCAR as teammates going forward,” says Hamlin. With Hamlin and Kenseth both in the Chase this year, and Busch currently holding on to a wild card spot, this team will no doubt be a strong one next season.