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Macs Made in US

We all knew Apple products are made over in China, but apparently they are trying to move it over to the US. Yes, it would be nice to have Apple products made in the US since it is one of the BIGGEST companies here and the people making them in China are getting next to nothing for making millions of products.  I don’t understand why this is newsworthy. They are thinking about it, it hasn’t been done yet.



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It’s Not Over Yet

481035_10151112797485194_1517964226_nHe is a senior in high school and he has already had two different surgeries. By freshman year, his basketball career was over. When sophomore year hit, he thought his dreams of playing baseball in college were gone. Sports injuries could have kept Kyle Copple from playing the sport he loves, but thanks to some very talented doctors and determination of his own, he is back on the field and better than ever.

Kyle’s passion is baseball. He plays it almost year round between legion, school ball and off season workouts. When he was injured playing Church League Softball two years ago, he thought his baseball playing days were over, but determination and a lot of hard work got him back out on the field.

Playing first base for his Church’s Softball team, he ran to home plate to get the opponent out, and then it all went wrong.

“He just hit my shoulder. Completely ran into it and it popped out,” he says with a cringe.

“I couldn’t even move it; it just hung there. Someone had to come and put it back into place.”

The look of worry and terror spread across his moms face when she saw this happen. “He had already went through one sports injury, I didn’t want him to go through another,” said Cheryl.

After meeting with the Athletic Trainer at school, Kyle did therapy and strength exercises and continued playing first base on his summer league team. He found himself struggling to play to his full potential and saw his coach’s disappointment. Even with all of the at home and at home therapy, his shoulder still wasn’t feeling 100 percent. And then it happened again.

“I was playing first base and my short stop threw the ball a little too high and I had to jump up and reach for it,” he mumbled, “and my shoulder popped out again.”

The sudden upward movement of his left arm, his catching arm, caused his already damaged shoulder to pop back out of place. Running off of the field, he couldn’t believe it was happening again.

“All I remember is the extreme pain, even worse than the first time. I knew it was worse and I knew that it wasn’t the last time I was going to have to go through it (the pain),” Kyle said.

Jerry, his father, chimes in. “Kyle is really tough; he doesn’t complain about much. So when I saw him run off the field with tears in his eyes, I knew it was bad.”

After talking with his high school’s Athletic Trainer, they both decided that it was time to see a doctor. Being through the process with a knee injury a few years earlier, Kyle knew what to expect going into that first appointment.

“I knew there was going to be a lot of moving and stretching and pulling and also a lot of pain,” he said, “but when I got in there, my doctor was a girl, and she was kind of hot.” That generated a laugh.

“I had to go through all of the usual exercises, raising my arms above my head and doing a bunch of things with my shoulder, it wasn’t very fun. Then she said I needed an MRI,” he said with a look of disgust crossing over his face.

“With the MRI, they insert a giant needle full of die into the area they want to look at, its really painful,” Cheryl said.

“It is not fun, at all,” Kyle says, “I have had it done three times now, once with my knee and twice with my shoulder.”

After getting the MRI results back, the news wasn’t what they wanted to hear. Kyle had torn many ligaments in his shoulder and also had a lot of muscle damage. He needed surgery and he was only halfway through the summer baseball season. His doctor did have good news though; he could finish out the season if he wanted to. He would have to be careful, and would have to go through therapy as well, and his shoulder could continue to pop out, but he could still play. Another factor that came into effect was that the longer he went without surgery, the longer the recovery period.

“I knew I had a tough decision to make. Do I keep playing and have surgery before school started or so I have surgery now and miss half of the season? I didn’t know what to do,” he said.

“I knew he had to finish out the rest of the season, I couldn’t see him just sitting on the bench,” Jerry said, “he isn’t content with just sitting and watching”

“I decided to finish out the season, I knew it was going to be a long recovery in the end but I hate sitting out,” Kyle proclaimed.

He finished out the rest of the season and multiple times, his shoulder popped out of place. Each time it happened, he subbed out, took the bench for a few played, iced it, then went back out. Each time knowing that more damage had been done.

By the end of the season, his shoulder was shot. After a second MRI and more doctors’ visits, surgery was scheduled and a long road to recovery was ahead. When the surgeons went in to repair the damaged tissue, they found something that hadn’t showed up on any scans, he had fractured his shoulder blade. It takes quite a hit to fracture a shoulder blade and add that to the amount of tissue damage he had, it was a long and stressful surgery.

“They had to put in like six spider-looking claws to hold his muscles and tendons and all of that in place,” Cheryl said, “the pictures they showed us were really gross.”

“When I came out of surgery, I got to go home right away,” Kyle said. “My entire arm was blue from the stuff they cleaned it with and it was still numb, it felt really funny and the brace was really bulky and uncomfortable.”

“The first few days after surgery, he couldn’t feel anything in his shoulder or even move his hand because it was so numb,” Jerry said, “it was so funny watching him try to pull off his IV bandage.”

Kyle’s recovery time lasted almost 9 months. Filled with painful therapy and lots of strengthening exercises, it was a long and grueling process. Now, over a year since his surgery, Kyle is gearing up for his senior season at South Sioux City High School and also planning on playing in college. His catching arm is better and stronger than ever and he is ready to hit the dirt.

This injury took a toll not only on Kyle, but on the family, both emotionally and financially. Kyle has five claw-like braces inside his shoulder holding muscle, tendon, and ligament to his bone. Each brace is worth $10,000. Add in doctor’s visits, MRI’s, therapy and the cost of the surgery, the amount is unbelievable.

‘Thankfully, insurance covers most of it,” Cheryl says, “but it is still a pretty large amount that we have to cover.”

One good thing has come out of this entire experience though, Kyle’s future career. By spending so much time with his doctors and therapists, Kyle now wants to pursue a career as Physician’s Assistant specializing in shoulders and hands. Kyle received the opportunity of a lifetime this summer during one of his routine visits to CNOS; the offer for an internship.

Kyle now spends his afternoon, 3-4 days a week, at CNOS in Dakota Dunes. He shadows his doctor and even gets to accompany her in surgery. He is getting a firsthand look at his future career and absolutely loves it.

“Being able to go into surgery with her and see what she does every day is such a cool opportunity,” he says with a smile. “It really helped me realize that this is what I want to go to school for, even though I know I will be in school for a very long time.”

He even said he got to participate in one of the surgeries. “I got to give someone a shot of something, it was a really confusing name, but it was right in the muscle during surgery and it was so cool,” he said.

For Kyle, this horrible injury led to some amazing experiences. He continues to play baseball and loves his internship. He is currently looking at Doane or Augustana for college in the fall and cannot wait to get a start on his future career. Baseball continues to be his main focus as winter workouts are in high gear. Going through this has taught him to work hard and to never give up. An injury may have slowed him down at first, but he is back on the field and better than ever.

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A New York City Police Officer was caught in the act, the act of kindness. NYPD Officer Lawrence DePrimo was working Times Square a few nights ago when he spotted a homeless man with no shoes. DePrimo went to a nearby Sketchers store and bought the man a pair of boots and socks to help get him through the winter. This is newsworthy because this Officer didn’t want anything in return, nor did he know he was being watched and photographed. This article shows that there are still good people in this world who look out for others. 


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A couple who met in college finally gets married, 50 years later! Two college sweethearts who lost touch after college finally found each other again after 50 years. This is definitely newsworthy because everyone like a happy ending and news doesn’t have to always be something bad. The way they lost and then found each other again could be written as a fairy tale. This is a great article and definitely one that deserved to be written.


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Throughout America Tuesday night, people were either sitting in front of their TV, constantly refreshing their Facebook and Twitter pages, googling the latest results of election night, or hosting election night broadcasts like the one right here on campus. As the results slowly came in, it was surprising but not shocking. America is divided, almost 50-50. Obama with the West and East coast, Romney had everything in between. There is a Democratic Senate and a Republican House. The Nation is divided, leaving no one truly happy. The results affect everyone in the United States and even stretches beyond our border. This is news because it affects everyone and we all have to live with the slight majority’s vote for the next 4 years, whether they like it or not.



Shooting Story

A newly wed was shot at her wedding by own husband last Saturday.

Richard Brunson fled the scene after shooting his new wife shortly after the couple said their vows. Laurette Brunson is now in St. Luke’s Hospital.

Sergeant Mann tells us more. audiolink

An eyewitness to the event tells us what he saw. audiolink

Laurette is said to be in satisfactory condition and will make a full recovery.

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Science Broadcast

Lab rat lives lost is a big blow to medical research.

Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast with all she had recently and not only did damage to homes and buildings, but also put a damper on New York University Hospital’s Medical Research Lab.

NYU hospital reported the deaths of thousands of laboratory rats due to Hurricane Sandy, a research setback that could take years to correct.

One of the University’s buildings was severely affected by the flood and the speed that it hit. Lab Techs and Scientists did not have enough time to rescue the Lab Rats trapped in the building. “Animal resource staff was on site continuously to mitigate the damage from the storm, but due to the speed and force of the surge, animal rescue attempts were unsuccessful,” according to the statement. “We are deeply saddened by the loss of these animals’ lives and the impact this has on the many years of important work conducted by our researchers,” NYU officials said. “Some mice are unique, they’re just made for certain research,” he said. “So if [the researchers] didn’t send it out to other labs, that line is just lost.” said one scientist. This devastation to the science community could take months if not years to repair.

(Still not able to post audio.)

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Just days after Hurricane Sandy tore through the upper Northeast and destroyed and flooded much of New York, the Mayor of New York City decided to hold the New York Marathon. Supposedly kicking New Yorkers out of hotels to make room for the marathon runners, the city was not happy. The Mayor cited the 2001 marathon, ran just two months after the 9/11 attacks. The race brought the country together after a time of tragedy. It was also about 60 days after the disaster, not less than a week. Not long after announcing that the Marathon would still be held, the Mayor called it off. Enough New Yorkers and Americans alike helped him change his mind and I think it was for the better. Having that many people in the city, along with the disaster workers, would be a terrible idea. Its good to see the Mayor came to his right mind and made the correct decision. 


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Yet another new Apple protect has just been announced. The Apple iPad Mini, it’s smaller than the regular iPad yet bigger than the iPod Touch. I am not entirely sure what the point of this new device is. It does basically everything the others do, its just an inch or two smaller and a few ounces lighter. Apple product junkies are already lining up to pick of one of these new gadgets, and many are planning on selling their iPad 3, which they bought a mere six months ago. Just because this product has the name Apple behind it makes it newsworthy. Even if you are not an Apple person, you are still intrigued to see what their latest product is. I like Apple products but I am definitely not going to line up to get this one. Besides, I don’t even have an iPad yet. So I guess the question is simple, do I want a iPad 3 or iPad Mini for Christmas? 


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Student Interest Paper Final (revised)

Student Interest Paper

While many college students worry about the recent scores of the last NFL game or what is going on in the MLB, there is another sport that is often over looked but never quite forgotten. The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, otherwise known as NASCAR, is not just a sport for rednecks, it’s a sport for everyone.

Rob Blount is a junior at the State University of New York at Purchase and started watching NASCAR at the young age of three thanks to his Dad and grandparents being fans. Since he lives in New York, NASCAR is not as popular as other places, although there is a racetrack in the state. Rob loves the sounds and feelings that come from watching a race, both live and on TV. “The sounds, the sites, the feeling of the cars rushing by, it’s exhilarating,” he said.

Camille Jones is a freshman this year at East Carolina University and really got into NASCAR racing in 2010, although she had watched off and on throughout her childhood. Located close to Charlotte, the NASCAR epicenter, and many other race tracks on the NASCAR circuit, Camille has been to quite a few races. “I love the cars, the close atmosphere of the drivers, the fans, etc.,” said Camille referring to what draws her in to the sport of auto racing.

College students make up a large portion of NASCARs fan base. There are many elements that can draw college students to the NASCAR industry. One of the lower tiers of NASCAR, otherwise known as the Nationwide Series, has many drivers that are of college age. “There is a large amount of incoming drivers who are at the college age, and I think that brings a lot of eyes from their peers to the sport,” said Camille.

Popular drivers like Ricky Stenhouse Jr and Austin Dillon, both in the running for the Nationwide Championship, are of college age. Austin even manages to take college classes and host his own radio show at his school. There are even some young drivers in the highest tier of NASCAR racing, the Sprint Cup level.

Camille and Rob, who have each been to a recent race, had noticed many people in the 18-24 age demographic. Both came to the conclusion that there is a large showing of college students at the racetrack even though the last demographic study, done in 2009, states that that age group is dropping.

A NASCAR racetrack is a great social atmosphere. The NASCAR industry itself, drivers, teams and sponsors use social networking, mainly Twitter, as a way of attracting fans. There are many drivers and reporters who are not afraid to interact with fans, and with social networking being a big part of society today, especially for college students, it draws many of them in.

One thing a new fan will learn rather quickly is that NASCAR drivers, sponsors, teams and fans are always willing to take the time and chat. You will make many great friends through this sport, even if you may never meet them face to face. It’s great to know that you can log on to Twitter on a Saturday or Sunday before, during and after a race and you will always have someone to talk to about the recent happenings in the sport. There are students right here on Morningside’s campus that are NASCAR fans, much like there are fans of the NFL and MLB. Even if you have never watched NASCAR, give it a chance, sit down and watch a race. Some of NASCARs biggest fans started out not knowing a thing about the sport; they just sat down one day and watched a race on TV. It’s exhilarating, unpredictable, and a great way to make new friends.